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It all started in 1982 when cable television was first introduced in the UK. Hellenic TV was born out of a dream to provide a Greek TV channel for the Greek Community in London. It took 8 years of hard work before it became a reality. Hellenic TV was the first non-English speaking international television channel in the UK which was granted a broadcasting licence by the ITC.


Hellenic TV started broadcasting in December 1990, for 3 hours, connected to just 13 homes in Camden which was the first area to receive our signal. Our first local productions impressed even the most experienced pioneers of Cable TV. In the words of Tony Curry of the ITC: “Never before was so much produced by so very few people for so few”. In a years time Hellenic TV had over a thousand subscribers in London.

Broadcasting hours also increased to 17 hours with direct transmissions of the daily programs of ERT, RIK and evening programme of local productions, concerts and feature films. We have evolved through the years to a 24 hour, 7 days a week television channel having as our primary purpose the quality of content for all of our customers. You are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to serve you in the best possible way. The content of our channel has created an identity on its own, where viewers buy into and, ultimately, become loyal to.




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VISION TV Network Hellenic TV is a network of popular Greek TV channels available via internet connected ROKU set top box, iOS and Android devices and online. Hellenic TV channel offers expats in UK an easy and inexpensive option to stay in touch with their country of origin.

With this expat TV in UK, even the viewers who are separated from their home culture by thousands of miles can watch their favourite foreign TV shows in native language effortlessly. VISION TV Network is not just a channel, but a world of international TV channels for people interested in foreign television.